5 Home Design Trends for the Next Year

What the next days and months will bring is not known. But one thing remains: modern living will keep evolving. If you’re planning a renovation when the pandemic is over, here are the top home design trends for the coming months and year.


Quartz and granite are gaining popularity amongst homeowners for their beauty and durability. Both surfaces are easy to maintain and will last for a long time, with little care. Natural and engineered stone countertops are also more hygienic and can be easily kept germ-free.


You may know about “two-tone kitchen cabinets” with upper cabinets and lower cabinets in different colors. The new trend is a three-tone kitchen in whichan additional color is introduced to create an asymmetry in the color palette and define specific areas of the kitchen.


Kitchen islands are one of the most functional parts of your kitchen but now homeowners are taking kitchen islands beyond storage and eating. Think bigger and multifunctional kitchen islands. Many homeowners are adding microwavesand cooktops to the kitchen island.

Bathroom Vanities

A floating vanity can free up precious floor space and give your bathroom look like a luxury room. It also makes floor cleaning easier compared to a furniture-style vanity with legs that can trap dust. No wonder so many homeowners have begun installing floating vanities in their bathrooms! If you are looking for the best quartz and granite kitchen countertops installation company in Chicago, IL, talk to Chicago Stone Source & Remodeling or call 630-313-9491 Today.

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